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It’s going to take many more of us getting involved to improve the city in a significant way. People of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances have a part to play. We also need leaders for revitalization to step forward — unifying figures who will inspire team work and focus on achievements benefitting Shenandoah as a whole. We hope you will join us in making a positive difference in the life of our town.

A primary goal is to involve more people in the revitalization effort. Greater community involvement will mean a greater range of ideas and solutions, and more of us to carry out projects and achieve results. Young people are especially needed to be the action drivers in helping Shenandoah survive and thrive.

What the Forum Provides


A commitment to shaping Shenandoah’s Future.


A vision of what a revitalized Shenandoah would look and feel like.


Community-wide participation in all aspects of revitalization.


An enduring organization to inform, guide, and enable progress toward the vision.

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