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The purpose of The Forum To Revitalize Shenandoah is to stimulate our town, plan for its future, strengthen its economic vitality, encourage a spirit of cooperation, and make it an even better place to grow up, raise a family, work, and live out our days.

How do we make our town better? That question is at the heart of why The Forum To Revitalize Shenandoah was formed — to build on the community’s successes by finding solutions to the challenges we face and improving the quality of life for its people.

The Forum is where ideas and activities for revitalization come together. Members meet online and in-person to develop a factual picture of our city and a consensus on a vision for the future. They discuss problems, brainstorm solutions, evaluate and prioritize projects, develop sources of funding, coordinate efforts, implement plans, and assess results. The Forum To Revitalize Shenandoah also provides the continuity needed to sustain the effort going forward.

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